I really want to start crafting!

shallow focus photo of paint brushes

I don’t have time to craft…….

Are you a working mom who wants to start crafting? Are you thinking “Yeah right I don’t have time for that!” Then keep reading! If you want to do something bad enough, then you CAN find the time. I am fortunate enough to have a full time job as a teacher assistant so I have a few hours after work before my children come home and I have breaks through out the year.

Tips to finding the time to craft as a new mom or veteran mom:

  1. When your children are napping or after they go to bed.
  2. Work out a me time for yourself with your significant other (taking turns is important!)
  3. If you are single, then rely on that friend who has been asking to help out.
  4. Have your kids go to a family members house every once in awhile to allow you time to craft.

I don’t have the money to craft…….

Think again. It does take time to accumulate all the things you need, but there are a lot of great places to find things for cheap.

  1. Dollar tree
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Yard sales
  4. Things people are getting rid of
  5. Dumpsters (yes I have literally chased someone down for a wood pallet)
  6. Don’t throw away anything!

How to get started……

Need some inspiration visit some of these websites or take a class in your local community.

  1. Pinterest
  2. YouTube
  3. Micheals.com
  4. A&R Workshop

I hope this helps you get started! If you have any questions or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to ask!

~Abigail Jean

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