I want to sign up for a craft show!

Are you thinking of signing up for a craft show or fair in your area? Is the annual festival getting your creative juices flowing? Read ahead for the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to craft shows.

I started making crafts in 2017 and I have participated in 5 shows. I always go in with low expectations so I won’t be disappointed. I always meet some awesome people and learn a lot. They are a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

Whether you have been crafting for a few months or making quilts for years, anyone can sign up to sell products at craft fairs. There are a few factors to consider before signing up.

Is there a pandemic going on? Then doing a craft show right now might not be the best thing. People are not going out very much, they are buying online, and you don’t want to put in all that hard work for not that much outcome.

How to find craft shows in my area?

Facebook is a great place to start. In the events tab search for craft shows or festivals.

Google is also a great place to look up different events in your area.

Do Craft shows cost money?

Yes, most do. Some vendor fees can range from $10 all the way to $50. Sometimes it depends on the amount of space you reserve. Many times portions are donated to charities or non profit organizations. At one event I participated in there was a multi-seller family that all chipped in together and bought 5 spaces.

In our area a woman was so passionate about craft fairs, she started her own business. She collaborates with the local businesses in the surrounding areas. She then has an application process for each event. You have to submit pictures, social media pages, and information about what you are selling prior to the event. This helps you because as a seller you don’t want to be next to another vendor who is selling the exact same thing.

Here is the link to the company’s Facebook page.


Do your research before hand to see how much money you are willing to spend.

How will I set up my vendor table?

This is my favorite part of the whole process. Get ready for an early morning and late nights when it comes to craft fairs. Below is a Pinterest board I created that you can follow for more ideas.

Be aware of weather and when to set up! I have heard horror stories of windstorms and bad weather comes through and wrecks peoples tents/crafts!

This was my set up at store in December 2020. Being a vendor at a local store was my favorite alternative to craft fairs.

What Should I bring with me?

1. Your inventory

2. Tables

3. Table cloths

4. Tent if outside & weights

5. Portable fan, If it’s during the summer & sunscreen

6. First aid kit

7. Lawn chairs

8. Cash & cash box

9. PayPal or square swipe in case people don’t carry cash (check Wi-Fi availability at venue)

10. A friend or family member to help you set up and watch your stuff if you need to use the bathroom.

11. Snacks and drinks

12. Bags for your shoppers

13. A list of your inventory

14. Tools just in case.

15. Business cards, marketing tools, vinyl sign with logo.

16. Raffle tickets and a free item for a prize.

17. A broom and a trash can (one time I broke an ornament & literally shoved it under the table🤦‍♀️)

18. Display set ups for your items to sit up against.

19. Jacket/appropriate dress ware.

20. Radio/ jam box.

I hope this article is a good starting point to help you with your craft fair journey.

Comment below if you want to add any personal experiences dealing with craft fairs.

Have fun!

~Abigail Jean


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