The Shed is Delivered Part 1

Well it’s been a very interesting past 2 days. I have learned a lot about what not to do and how some people don’t care about specifics of a job.

Mistake #1: the salesman did not send anyone to evaluate my land area before delivery even though I had mentioned this.

Mistake #2: they couldn’t put the shed with the porch facing out on the truck because it’s top heavy.

Mistake #3: The shed couldn’t be turned the way I wanted so tearing down the fence was for nothing, but now we have decided to build around the shed and extend the current fence, which will give the kids a bigger yard.

Mistake #4: I hope this is the last one! The delivery men didn’t finish leveling the building, and then it snowed on Friday so now I’m going to be hassling them to come fix it until they do. I’m ready for this to be over so I can be done with Tuff Shed, but I want it done right!

It snowed on Friday it looks so pretty.

Comment below if you have any horror stories of delivery or builders.

Until next time.

~Abigail Jean


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