Craft Shed Update #2

What an interesting week it has been!

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Me and Justin worked hard to put in posts last Saturday. He said that was the fastest and smoothest something had gone in awhile. I was proud of our hard work and that we had not argued (not that much) through out the process. We measured from our neighbors survey post as she had just moved in last year and it was still there.

The company finally came back on Wednesday to come finish leveling. I had called them every day to see when they were coming to finish the job. Justin said I would never make it in construction. My mom said it’s a “southern thing” and no one is in a hurry to do anything and I should just get used to it (I am really trying). What made me the most aggravated on the wait was when the supervisor said “they will be back tonight (Last Thursday) to finish the job!” Then they don’t come back for 6 days. It’s done now so at least that is out of the way.

Fast forward to Friday. Justin was getting ready to work on the fence to finish it out. He goes out to the site and sees new flags and a rope right over our newly set posts. We obviously did not put them there and so he took that as a sign we were over the line. As a result he moved the 3 posts that were on the neighbors property. She came out later after she heard his ban saw. He told her that he already moved the posts and she was appreciative and said she had hired a surveyor to put new flags out. My mom said that costs $300-500, so I was definitely surprised (a bit shocked). We were just a few inches off, but it is better that it is fixed now, then later on down the road if we ever try to sell. Now we just got to keep our fingers crossed that I pass inspection on the building permit and that we are 5 feet from the property line.

Saturday I had the license contractor come out and look at the building. He is married to one of my coworkers and does an excellent job. I had seen a few pictures of a previous she shed he had done and I couldn’t wait to collaborate. He is going to wire it, place inside lights, a porch light, insulate it and dry wall, and build a loft for storage.

Here is a link to his Facebook business page: JK Woodworked Creations

We are planning to finish the outside of the shed today. We are going to put lattice around the bottom, steps, porch railings, and remove the 2 fence posts on the side. Stay tuned!

~Abigail Jean


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