The Craft Shed Reno Week #5

Hey Folks!

It has been a wild ride already and I haven’t even started working on the inside. Here are my latest tiktoks to explain all that has taken place.

I called them very upset! They said we are going to make it out on Tuesday and fix it. I had my husband come out and work from home so he could be there when they come. Of course they call me 3 hours after they said they would be there and say they aren’t coming, but they would reschedule ASAP. Then they say Friday morning. Of course someone had Covid and they had to shut down the plant. I just decided to move forward with the job and get another company to move and then I will ask them to take some of the money they charged off after the fact.

After much discussion with the salesman I can say I am finally done with that company and got refunded part of the money. I would not recommend working with Tuff shed to anyone.

That is all for now. Next up installing lights!

Stay Tuned!

~Abigail Jean


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